Learners Test

English Conversation for Advanced Learners Test

(1.) A: ______________ honey? You look so sad.
B: My grandfather just passed a way yesterday.
1.  a. What’s the matter  b. What are you doing  c. What’s up

(2.) A: You’re _________ get something to eat?
B: Of course, I didn’t eat that much in the morning. Right now, I can________!
1.  a. gonna  b. wanna  c. a and b
2.  a. eat a horse  b. eat a rat  c. eat a buffalo

(3.) A: ________1___________
B: My father just got a new job in another city.
A: I’ll miss you. Take care, David.
B: I’ll miss you too, Jane. Send me some email to _______2_______ about your life here, so we can still keep in touch.
1.  a. Why are you leaving?  b. What are you doing?  c. Where did you go yesterday?
2.  a. allow me to go  b. let me know  c. invite me to know

(4.) A: What are you doing? _____________ Nancy!
B: I’m coming
A: Look here, we ________ got a lot of time! The train will be here in 5 minutes!
1.  a. make it slow  b. take it easy  c. hurry up
2.  a. none  b. didn’t  c. ain’t

(5.) A: May I see your passport, please?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t find it. I must have left it at _______1_______.
A: I’m sure it can be ______2_______. I’ll help you.
B: Oh, thank you so much.
1.  a. everywhere  b. sometime  c. somewhere
2.  a. sorted out  b. forgot  c. passed away

(6.) A: ________________________, huh?
B: I came from Thailand.
A: Nice, I know Thailand. Hopefully, I can visit there one day.
1.  a. Where are you from?  b. What is your nationality?  c. Who do you go with?

(7.) A: I’m sorry but I don’t think we can be together ________________.
B: I don’t wanna _____ anything, get out!
1.  a. anytime  b. anywhere  c. anymore
2.  a. here   b. hire  c. hear

(8.) A: I hate that many people in my community are so conservative.
B: I think that depends on your __________________.
1.  a. favorite time  b. point of view  c. behavior

(9.) A: __________________?
B: I’m good. Thanks.
1.  a. How old are you  b. How are you doing  c. How dare you

(10.) A: How many kids do you have?
B: I have 5 kids at home.
A: __________________ you have a heavy burden.
B: I know that.
1.  a. it seems like  b. it became like  c. it changed like



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