Learners Test

English Conversation for Intermediate Learners Test

(1.) A:____1__ . How are you?
B: Hi John, I am fine. Thank you. ___2___ ?
A: Fine. Thank you.
1.  a.very good   b. Thank you   c. Hello Anne.  d. Have a good day
2.  a. kick it  b. And you  c. It’s ok  d. not bad

(2.) A: Hi Marry! _______1_______?
B: Hi Shaun! I’m going to ___2____. Well, I have an English exam today. Are you going to work?
A: Actually, I’m off today.
B: That’s good. Enjoy your day!
1.  a. Are you ok  b. are you going?  c. How do you do?   d. are you going?
2.  a. office   b. school  c. hospital   d. home

(3.) A: Jane, what are you doing?
B: _______________ .
1.  a. I’m sad.   b. I’m learning English.  c. He’s eating.  d. That’s good.

(4.) A: Are you writing a letter?
B: No, ___________ .
1.  a. You’re welcome   b. I’m home  c. take it easy  d. I’m reading a letter

(5.) A: Happy birthday! This ___1___ is for you Sam!
B: Oh,____2____. It’s very ____3____. I like it.
C: You’re ___4____.
1.  a. gift  b. library  c. kitchen  d. language
2.  a. yes  b. thank you  c. I’m fine  d. I don’t know
2.  a. pretty  b. cheap  c. warm  d. home
3.  a. beautiful  b. right  c. very well  d. welcome

(6.) A: What is Mr. Joe doing?
B: He’s ___1___ at school.
A: Which subject does he teach?
B: He teaches____2____.
1.  a. eating  b. writing  c. teaching  d. learning
2.  a. classroom  b. mathematics  c. email  d. students

(7.) A: Jake, did you see my book?
B: I saw a book with its green cover yesterday.
A: That’s ___1___ book! ____2___ is it right now?
B: Laura just put it over the ____3____ in her bedroom.
1.  a. me  b. mine  c. your  d. my
2.  a. What  b. When  c. Where  d. Why
3.  a. closet  b. kitchen  c. roof  d. ball

(8.) A: Where are you____1___?
B: I’m from Thailand.
A: What ___2___ do you speak?
B: I speak Thai.
1.  a. live  b. to  c. from  d. on
2.  a. room  b. word  c. color  d. language

(9.) A: Do you ___1___ a pen?
B: No, I have only a ____2___.
A: Can I ____3____ your pencil?
B: Sure.
1.  a. buy  b. have  c. eat  d. cut
2.  a. pencil  b. eraser  c. book  d. pen
3.  a. give  b. sell  c. borrow  d. break

(10.) A: Are you still in the school?
B: No, I just ____1___ last year.
A: Congratulations! Well, did you ___2___ a job yet?
B: ____3____, I’m still looking for it.
1.  a. developed  b. travelled  c. graduated  d. hit
2.  a. take  b. get  c. go  d. look
3.  a. Yes  b. No  c. Right  d. not good



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