Learners Test

English Conversation For Primary Learners Test (Grade 4-6)

(1.) A: ____1______ is your nickname?
B: My nickname is ____2______.
1.  a. What  b. How  c. Who
2.  a. telephone  b. glass  c. Anna

(2.) A: How _____1______are you?
B: I am _____2_______years old.
1.  a. old  b. do  c. were
2.  a. twelve  b. Tom  c. father

(3.) A: ____1______ does she work?
B: She works at_____2______.
1.  a. Where  b. When  c. Why
2.  a. Hospital  b. hot dog  c. bag

(4.) A: ___1____ do you live with?
B: I live with my _____2______.
1.  a. Who  b. Where  c. When
2.  a. parents  b. barber  c. water

(5.) A: What are they _____1_____?
B: They are _____2______ football.
1.  a. doing  b. did  c. done
2.  a. crying  b. playing  c. eating

(6.) A: What _____1_______ your mother do?
B: She is a _____2________.
1.  a. did  b. does  c. do
2.  a. nurse  b. cat  c. calendar

(7.) A: ____1______is Central Airport Plaza?
B: It is _____2_______ Suanpak restaurant.
1.  a. Why  b. When  c. Where
2.  a. in  b. on  c. near

(8.) A: ______1_______ time is it now?
B: It is ______2________.
1.  a. Where  b. When  c. What
2.  a. ten o’clock  b. one  c. one hundred

(9.) A: What is ____1_____ favorite sport?
B: My favorite sport is ______2_______.
1.  a. his  b. your  c. her
2.  a. bicycle  b. calculator  c. volleyball

(10.) A: What ____1_____ you like to eat?
B: I would like to eat ______2_______.
1.  a. have  b. can  c. would
2.  a. mobile phone  b. spaghetti   c. keyboard



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