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Talk Talk Language School is always looking out for the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable approaches to
learn a language. Our qualified teachers understand Thai from your perspective. So, we use a direct method
which is much faster than the traditional one to help you learn Thai

Direct Method is a method of teaching based on a natural learning process. The teacher will teach you many
new words and how they are used in everyday language. It is done in a question-answer format. As you
answer question, the teacher will help you if you find answering difficult and will revise it with you until you
feel comfortable with the newly introduced words.

Teachers will constantly correct your pronunciation and tones. So, within a short period of time, you will see
a rapid and define improvement in your Thai.

Meanwhile, you will learn how to read Thai alphabets while you learn to speak. You will realize that Thai language
is not as hard as you’ve thought.

The courses are designed and developed to ensure that students will be able to communicate confidently
in a proficient and natural manner.
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We teach you following skills;

Understanding: Even though you may feel it is difficult to hear the correct pronunciation of Thai word and
phrases. Learning by innovative exercises, such as singing Thai songs, will make things easier.

Speaking: Our method means to learn some vocabulary in each class, and practice joining words to create
the new sentences you need. Questions and answers and key context-oriented words will help you understand
and speak more than just memorizing sentences and phrases. This will be reinforced in real conversation with
local people. That’s why we hold some classes outside the school so you can have your own experience in
communicating with local people in coffee shops, restaurants, or stores. You will begin to understand why this
real world method will have you will on your way to speaking Thai within 30 hours.

Reading: You will get to know Thai consonants, vowels and tone marks while learning to speak Thai. We
start by teaching you the most common letters, so you will be able to read the signs on the streets without
needing a translation. Just try our method!

Writing: This is the last skill that we teach you, once you will have experience understanding, speaking and
reading Thai, and are on a more advanced level. You’ll find that you will be able to master this kill, as well.




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