1. Do I need a Non-ED (student) VISA to study at your school?

No, you do not need one. You can have any type of visa and study at our school. If you have visa problems and 
need to have an ED visa in order to study at our school we will assist you in obtaining one.

2. Can I change my Tourist Visa into ED Visa?

No, it is not possible, you will not be able to change your visa status in Thailand, you will need to obtain the ED visa 
in another country.

3. Do you have any age restrictions to obtain ED Visa?

Yes, we do.
You will need to be at least 12 years old.
We do not have an upper age limit so you can study Thai and obtain ED visa at any age between 12-99 years old.

4. When does your courses start?

start courses every week so you can start any time you like. You can also choose time and days that best suit your 
individual needs.

5. Is attendance strictly mandatory?

If you are not be able to attend the class, there is no problem but you can't redeem or keep the study hour unless the 
class will postpone by Talk Talk Language and we will give you2 days prior notice.By the way, please make sure that 
we can reach you by cellphone or email at least once a week. 

6. Do I have to report to the immigration authorities every months?

Yes, for the 1st entry with Non-ED visa. The immigration will stamp valid date for 90 days but after the extension visa 
is depends on the valid date on your passport which normally is 90 days depends on the immigration officer 
consideration (case by case)

7. Do i have to pay any extra to the immigration authorities after i get the visa?

No, if you are not travel aboard. except the extension fee at the immigration office in Chiang Mai.

8. How long does it take to get the visa?

After your enrollment will take approximately 21 days.

9. Can i apply for it here in Chiang  Mai, once i've paid the course fees?

You can enrolled/payment at Talk Talk Language and once your documents are ready, you can come to pick it up at 
the school but the apply Non-ED visa must do it at Thai Embassy in another country.Please refered to FAQ number 2

10. If the Visa has already expired, can we still apply for the extension?

 You can do so, but you need to pay the fine first.

11. If the Work Permit expired, can we still apply for the extension?

That work Permit will not be valid anymore since the date of expiration or the date of resignation. If you want to get new Work Permit, you need to pay the fine first.

12.What is Multiple Visa?

Multiple Visa is the visa that you can use to travel to Thailand more than one time for example: if you apply for Non-immigrant Visa for Thai embassy for 1 year, when you arrived Thailand you will get only 90 days Visa to stay in Thailand, but you can still use this Visa to travel in and out of Thailand till the Non-immigrant Visa expired and you will get 90 days Visa every time you travel to Thailand.

13.What is Single Visa?

Single Visa is the one time Visa for entering Thailand. Even though the Visa has not yet expired but you have left Thailand, the Visa will not be valid anymore, If you want to travel to Thailand again, you need to apply for new Visa

14. How to change your Visa to be Non-immigrant Visa?

Use the same method as applying for Visa extension but the applicant for changing Visa to Non-immigrant Visa need to have at least 15 days Visa first.

15. How much is the fee for Visa application and Work Permit?

1. Visa Fee
Visa Extension Fee = 1,900 Baht
Re-Entry Visa (Single) = 1,000 Baht
Re-Entry Visa (Multiple) = 3,800 Baht

2. Work Permit Fee
Application Fee = 100 Baht
Work Permit Fee (3 months) = 750 Baht
Work Permit Fee (6 months) = 1,500 Baht
Work Permit Fee (12 months) = 3,000 Baht
Work Permit Fee (Adjustment) = 1,000 Baht



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